Investment is a very tricky subject owing to various instruments available in the market today. You could either invest in shares or go for mutual funds investment, it is totally your call. However, we would be a little biased and tell you that as a beginner, who is looking out for a stable option to invest their hard earned money in, mutual funds investment would be a better and definitely a safer choice. Mutual Funds sahi hai!  

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Meet the Sqrrlers, before you become one 😉

Definition: A Sqrrler is someone who has made saving/investing a daily habit through the Sqrrl app.  In order to make all our new users welcome...
one app for all money needs

Sqrrl App: One app for all your money needs

Rhea is saving money to buy an iphone  She had to take a  personal loan of Rs. 3 lakhs for a family emergency  She is also...
Defaulting on secured loan

Defaulting on a secured loan: How to fix the damage?

Can we interest you in a story? Don’t worry, it’s short  ¯_(ツ)_/¯ A recent incident inspired us to pen this down (or type...
Money management tips for a freelancer

Top 8 financial hacks for freelancers :))

Freelancing is no piece of cake. Who says that only businessmen are in risky business? We argue that freelancers are fighters of...

What’s the whole Karvy mess up about?

Very recently SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) imposed a ban on Karvy Stock Broking Limited (KSBL) restricting them from acquiring...
Loan rejection

Lending secrets are out: What stops you from getting a loan?

“Your loan request has been declined.” “You loan request has been rejected. Sorry, we regret the inconvenience caused.” “We are extremely sorry but we...

Do you REALLY need a Personal loan?

There goes a saying about making big decisions - “Sleep over them!”. If you still stand firm on your stance, then go ahead. We...

This Children’s Day what is the best gift that we can give them?

Wishing a very Happy Children’s Day to the little ones out there (and also the grown-ups that are no less than kids!)....

Top 10 Personal Finance books to read before you turn 30

"Books? So boring, dude!""What good are books, they don’t even have any pictures!""There are YouTube videos that can help me, why do...

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