sqrrl blog-how to save money on diwali

Spend Wisely: Happy Diwali!

Festival season is a busy time across all Indian households. Not only do we go all out buying stuff for the house, we also...

Handling money with your partner? Not a headache anymore!

Well, right after the grand celebration of “the day” of your life signs off, reality kicks in. Wedding might be a few days’ affair, but...
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5 World Renowned Faces that found success after the age of 40

If you are someone in your late twenties or early thirties, there’s a great chance that you’re now coming to terms with the fact...

The Republic Day Special

It’s Republic Day again so it’s time to whip out the remotes and change the channel to good ol’ Doordarshan to watch the parade....
sqrrl blog-5 places to stay near delhi in only Rs 500 a day

5 Places to Visit Near Delhi This Summer at Just Rs 500 a Day

For someone living in Delhi, the season of Summer is like the worst nightmare. The weathermen have already predicted above normal temperatures across the...
sqrrl-blog-personal finance explained in 5 sentences

Did you know that your Personal Finance can be summed up in 5 sentences?

Spend less than you earn.   This is the most important lesson anybody can learn in personal finance which is why it is number one. Spending...
sqrrl blog-7 things to do to plan your vacation

7 Things To Do To Plan Your Vacations

Going on a vacation somewhere nice is that soulful experience that leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller. We all love traveling...
sqrrl blog- how to teach your kids about money-children's day special blog

Four ways to teach your kids about the value of money at home.

A home or a family is the first and the most important part of a child’s life. This is why we  think it’s safe...
sqrrl blog-questions about bitcoin

3 Questions about Bitcoin you were too embarassed to ask!

What's a Bitcoin? ‘Bitcoin’ actually refers to two entirely different things. Capital-B ‘Bitcoin’ is a payment network- like RuPay in India is a payment network....
happy independence day

71 Years of Independence; how many of ‘Financial Independence?’

71 Years ago, we became Independent. But today, are we really independent? Specially the financial sense? 

Let us tell you how to be financially independent!

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